Project 2

Cocina con muebles bajos en nogal barnizado a poro abierto combinados con muebles altos y columnas lacados en negro mate y estructura de aluminio negro

Daniela model base units in open-pore Delta ECO varnished walnut, opening with an exclusive integrated solid handle.

Vigo model wall units with door, combined with columns in the same model, opening by push. All in Delta ECO matt black lacquer finish.

Metallic structure and Prisma display case in 100% recyclable black grated aluminum, combined with flush shelves in walnut. Countertop and paneled wall in porcelain with plugs and embedded USB.

Mechanized lighting under shelves and inside showcases using low-consumption sky LEDs.

Detail of decorative end unit with cloth holder bar in grated black aluminium.

Cutlery tray and organizer detail in Sormano walnut laminate, with non-slip mats.

Interior frames, drawers, drawers and hinges all in anthracite.

Prism showcase details with black textile glass and integrated handle.